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Tradition and Innovation


Ideas for the brand’s new direction have gradually accumulated and have taken shape here. The 20 years we spent brainstorming has helped us to established a new brand. The history we have created in the past will enable us to express exquisite luxury in the future. Richard Shawfields is not a brand that remains in the “past”.

Jewelry should have as many faces as people do. Even jewelry of the same shape is not the same, and displays various expressions due to its changes in color, detail, and coordination, allowing it to be adorn in various scenes. Our jewelry does not showcase a specific image to the customer, as the pieces are designed to reflect and complement the person who wears it. That universal “concept” is more valuable than any of the trendy “styles”.


By maximizing the know-how, tradition, and innovation cultivated over a long history, we aspire to produce jewelry that “allow the people who own it to express themselves” rather than one that “changes the individuality of the people who own it”. Jewelry is something that is carried and directly touches peoples’ skin every day. Richard Shawfields’s products elicit the luxury that the owner herself and himself has inside.

Customized jewelry just for you anywhere in the world We will work with you to design the gems carefully selected by the buyer by choosing the cut, size and color. We value your originality and individuality. We also handle many rare stones, so we can prepare luxurious designs.

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