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Often times, we are satisfied with the reputation we have already obtained. 

Since its founding in 1986, Richard Shawfields has been adored by customers for its outstanding design, centralized around actresses who love famous jewelry brands and luxury. 


​about MAISON

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After the change in Maison’s management system, we have provided many jewelry designs in New York, Singapore, Paris, Beijing, and more. It has continued to be a pride of ours to maintain our independence as a Maison and preserve the attitude of hand-crafting all our products at our own factory.


However, we were always pondering – “what is the essence of the best jewelry design?” Richard Shawfields is a Maison full of contrast. It is a Maison that can transform itself, and a brand that can create a global vision by interacting and cooperating with the world.



1619 Broadway, New York, NY 10019 USA

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